Tottori Sand Dunes National Park

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Sand board

Let's ride boards on the sand and enjoy the thrill of speed! People are getting addicted to the exhilarating experience of sliding down steep slopes with a 30-degree incline! Visitors from all over the country come to have fun. Let's have a blast on the golden slopes!


Our professional specialized school, with over 30 years of experience, allows you to enjoy flights on soft sandy terrain. So even if you’ re not too fond of physical activities, you can feel at ease.

Surfing / Sea kayak / SUP

Let's explore Uradome Coast! The breathtaking landscapes here have been shaped by the relentless waves of the Sea of Japan, creating a powerful and awe-inspiring scenery. Everything you see is on a grand scale, as if you've wandered into a giant's world. You can venture into caves carved into the rocks, observe the jagged giant boulders, and truly appreciate the beauty of Uradome Coast, a renowned scenic spot.

Camel ride

You can take memorable photos with the camels at the Tottori Sand Dunes and enjoy a scenic tour of the dunes. The view from atop a camel is truly unique and special.

Fat bike Tours

Why not explore the majestic landscapes of Tottori Sand Dunes on a "Fat Bike" that can ride smoothly on the sandy terrain?

Sea kayak / Clear canoe / River trekking / Manta flyer

Explore hidden gems by kayak, where you can observe various terrains such as sea caves, grottoes, and pristine sandy beaches. Experience the exhilarating activity of 'Shower Climbing' in the canyons, and try the world's first 'Manta Flyer' adventure with wearable fins. In the winter, have fun with snowshoeing.

Yoga / Sup yoga

You can leisurely tour the water's surface, practice yoga while feeling the gentle ripples, and enjoy both SUP and SUP yoga experiences. Please savor these moments of relaxation and tranquility for a lighter heart.

Volleyball / Football / Tennis / Yoga

Tennis on the sand? Try "Sunaba Tennis" - it's like a mix of tennis, badminton, and beach volleyball without the need for a traditional court. It's a new sport that anyone can easily enjoy! Come and make the most of Sunaba for a fun and exciting experience!

Photo guide tour

But don't just walk ‒ make the most of it! With your smartphone, capture Instagram-worthy photos of Tottori Sand Dunes that are unique to you!

Trampoline / Bouldering

Even in case of rainy or stormy weather that prevents outdoor activities, you can still enjoy fun indoor activities like trampolining and bouldering that engage your body.


We are a private vocational training school dedicated to supporting "learning for work." We help individuals understand their strengths and provide guidance on pursuing a profession that allows them to thrive in an environment that suits them. Our goal is to help people learn the art of "working" and suggest career paths that align with their abilities and aspirations.

Sakyu Kaikan

We offer a variety of local dishes featuring fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan and Tottori Wagyu beef, known for its top-notch quality. You can also find popular local comfort foods and souvenirs made from Tottori's homegrown ingredients.


A workplace with a view of the Tottori Sand Dunes, located within the Tottori Sand Dunes National Park. This unique café offers carefully roasted coffee beans and hydroponically grown vegetables, providing meals and drinks you can't experience anywhere else. With changing rooms and shower facilities available, it's incredibly convenient for visitors combining sand dune sightseeing with their visit.


Explore the islands of the San'in Kaigan Geopark in Iwami Town, Tottori Prefecture! Marvel at the crystal-clear waters with a visibility of up to 25 meters deep! From the sightseeing boat, you can enjoy panoramic views of the ever-changing landscapes, including beautiful white sandy beaches and intricate ria coastlines, framed by lush pine trees.

Sakyunoie Ray Garden

Are you interested in having a photo wedding on the magnificent Tottori Sand Dunes and amidst the beautiful surrounding nature? The Tottori Sand Dunes can transform into a special stage that enhances the bond between you and your partner. We also offer photography services for special occasions such as coming-of-age ceremonies, Shichi-Go-San (a traditional rite of passage for children aged 3, 5, and 7), and family portraits. Come and capture your special moments in this breathtaking natural setting!